Blue Salad

Soups & Salads

The Blue Salad 9 GF
Spinach salad, sweet & salty almonds, Danish blue cheese, green apple, bacon bits, balsamic vinaigrette

Caesar Salad 8
Lemony Caesar dressing, pita croutons and parmesan

Soup of the Day 5/7  
Our chef’s selection of homemade soup

Beef Chili 7/14 GF
Awesome chili made with beef and beans with our 6-chili broth. Not too spicy but definitely not for the weak hearted, served with cheese, sour cream and red onions


CLASSIC CHEESE FONDUE Emmenthaler, Gruyere and Tilsit cheeses and blended with white wine and Kirsch. Served with green apples and fresh bread for for 2 persons 17 / for 4 persons GF optional 34


Tapas/Small Plates/Appetizers

Tempura Shrimp 8
Chinese new year sauce

Grape Leaves 6  (GF)
stuffed with rice and herbs

Falafel 7   (GF)
Garlic sauce, pickled turnips

Casablanca Mussels 13 (GF optional)
Prince Edward Island Mussels, Moroccan spices, pickled lemon, garlic, ginger & white wine

Rhode Island Calamari 10
American Calamari in a cornmeal crust, from Judith Point, served with a refreshing cranberry jalapeno aioli and a petite salad


Damascus Hummus 6 DF (optional GF)
Warm flat bread, pickles

Crispy Artichokes & Friends 9 (vegan optional)
Fresh artichoke hearts and seasonal vegetables in a light tempura batter with a tangy Thousand Island sauce

Vietnamese Wings 8
Chicken drumettes (3) Soy Glaze

Beet Dip 7 (GF optional)
Naan bread

GF = Gluten Free
DF = Dairy Free



Summer Vermicelli  19
Fresh Vermicelli pasta, Avocado and basil sauce, peas, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and parmesan

Arabiatta Pappardelle  16
Fresh pasta tossed in spicy tomato sauce with roasted red peppers and basil 16

Zucchini Delight  25 GF (vegan)
Zucchini ribbons, marinara sauce, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives,peas crowned with a petite salad

~ Add to your pasta dish
~Chicken 5
~(4) Shrimp 9


Mediterranean Trout 25 (GF)
Boneless rainbow trout, braised artichokes & peas served with mashed potatoes and a Dijon sauce

NE Style Fish n’ Chips 19
Scrod, tartar sauce, creamy coleslaw, skinny fries


Pork Schnitzel 20
Potato salad, green salad and lingonberry sauce

Veal Schnitzel 27
Potato salad, green salad and lingonberry sauce

Roasted Chicken 21 GF
Chicken jus, pureed potatoes and brussell sprouts

The Premium Natural Grain and corn-fed a minimum of 350 days. No added hormone EVER, humanely raised and handled 100 % vegetarian diet.

Hanger Steaks  7 oz  CO, mashed potatoes, zucchini, brandy peppercorn sauce GF 29