Bar Apps

TapasĀ / Small Plates / Appetizers

Enjoy 50% off Tapas in the bar from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.


Tempura Shrimp 8
Chinese new year sauce

Stuffed Grape Leaves 6 GF (optional vegan)
Syrian style vine leaves (5) stuffed with Rice & Spices served with a mint yogurt sauce

Marinated Olives 6 (Optional GF)
House marinated

Falafel 6 GF
garlic sauce, pickled turnips

Rhode Island Calamari 10
American Calamari in a cornmeal crust, from Judith Point, served with a refreshing cranberry jalapeno aioli and a petite salad

Damascus Hummus 6 DF (optional GF)

Warm flat bread, pickles

Crispy Artichokes & Friends 9 (vegan optional)
Fresh artichoke hearts and seasonal vegetables in a light tempura batter with a tangy Thousand Island sauce

Asian Chicken 8 GF
marinated chicken thigh with pickled carrots.

GF = Gluten Free
DF = Dairy Free