Bar Apps

TapasĀ / Small Plates / Appetizers
Served 4:30 pm -Close | 50% off Bar Apps during Happy Hour on the patio or in the bar!


MARINATED OLIVES Mediterranean Olives, Extra Virgin olive oil 4 GF

TEMPURA SHRIMP Chinese new year sauce 8

STUFFED GRAPE LEAVES stuffed with Rice & Spices, mint yogurt sauce GF 6 GF

DAMASCUS HUMMUS warm flat bread, pickles 6 GF optional

CRISPY ARTICHOKES AND FRIENDS tempura batter, Thousand Island sauce 9 Vegan optional

RHODE ISLAND CALAMARI cornmeal crust, cranberry jalapeno aioli 10

FALAFEL Served with a garlic yogurt sauce GF 6

EGGPLANT DIP Roasted Eggplant with yogurt and tahini, served with naan bread 7 GF optional

OCTOPUS AND SMELT Small Lake Ontario smelt and baby octopus 7

BEEF KIBBE Syrian Style ” beef cake” with pine nuts and yogurt 12

CHICKEN ROULADE Chicken thigh with Mediterranean spices GF 13